Rockroost Kachina Logo with photos of Arkansas Crystal on LED base, Mini Crystal Cluster, Amethyst Stalactite Slice, Epidote Yellow Ribbon for the 1st Cavalry Division in Iraq. 
May they all come home safe and sound!
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    Hello and welcome!

    Originally created in 2003, our site is designed to offer something for everyone.

    When browsing through our pages you will find a variety of educational, informative and hopefully useful articles on Rockhounding trips that the Rockroost creators have taken; Cutting and Polishing Geodes and Gems; News; Tips; Photos we have taken of the southwest; and Southwest Art by the late Gary Lee Brinker.

    We share history and photos of prized specimens we have personally collected, including Japan Law Twin Crystals from our private gem & mineral collection and our first Geode containing Blue Opal.

    Sadly the co-founder and owner of Rockroost, Ron Burgess, passed on to the great diggings in the sky in April, 2010, after a lengthy battle with lung cancer. His pages in Prospector's Corner will continue to be a testament to his love of rockhounding and the fun we enjoyed together. He realized a dream of a lifetime in 2009 when we visited Maine: talking to the owner of the Dutton Quarry (famous for gem-quality Tourmaline) and touring the mine. It is hoped that the mine owner will, someday, give his permission for an article to be added on this trip

    SHOP our Mineral Mine to purchase one of our hand-picked Arkansas crystals on multi-colored LED light bases. Crystal points and clusters from Arkansas are world famous for their clarity and beauty. These make a beautiful and unusual gift or addition to any rockhound's collection!

    SHOP page 2 of our Mineral Mine to see our collection of Thundereggs and Geodes for sale, which we collected in New Mexico. They are world-famous for their wonderful variety of color, and formations containing agates, druze quartz, opals, and rare spectacular crystal coated Stalactites.

    Read the latest and final report, from our fellow rockhound in Iraq: Yonis Lone Eagle's Rockhounding at its Extreme.
    We first met Yonis, several years ago, at a week-long rockhounding campout at Apache Creek, New Mexico. The campout was arranged by the Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineralogical Societies. He has been an active member of the El Paso Gem & Mineral Club for a considerable number of years and we found him to be helpful and very knowledgeable about many different types of rocks. Little did we know then, that he was in the Army Reserves and would be called upon to perform his courageous duty in Iraq.

    Ron's latest page on Prospector's Corner: Virgin Valley, Nevada Opals - a place featured on the Travel Channel's Best Places to find Cash and Treasure, hosted by Becky Worley. Find out if everybody can find great opals.

    Ron's best find on Prospector's Corner showcases The Big Luna which is a 62 lb Geode he found by accident. This huge geode is filled with gorgeous orchid colored druse quartz crystals. It has been sold to a collector in Germany and now resides in a private museum there

    Tales of our prospecting for precious gems and minerals are included in our Prospector's Corner pages. Here you will find articles on our hunt for Geodes in the Deming, New Mexico area; our trips to Washington Camp in the Patagonia Mountains south of Tucson; plus Prospector Ron's article 'What Breed of Dog is a Rockhound?'our search for Wulfenite at the Total Wreck Mine in the Empirita Mountains; We recently added another page about our latest trip to the Baker Lode Geode Mine, near Deming, NM. HMGC Field Trip to Baker Lode Geode Mine.

    We are proud to display photos of original paintings, wallhangings and Pueblo scenes by Gary Lee Brinker, exhibited in our Southwest Art Gallery. We will be adding more from his legacy and hope eventually, to be able to have prints available.

    Many other features of our site include tips on Desert Safety; How to determine the various hardness of rocks using Mohs Scale of Hardness and other simple tests; Household Hints on Care of Granite and Marble countertops and floors: plus news of the mining industry. Our travel pages include destinations in Arizona and Cochise County In the aftermath of devastation from Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters last year, we are mindful of the importance of being prepared for such. We have added a page on Disaster Preparedness in the hope it will be of use to our visitors.

    We update our pages frequently! So add us to your favorites and come back and visit us often to see what's new!
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